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*N Sync Encounters

*N Sync Encounters

Have you been lucky enough to meet *N Sync? E-mail me and I will post your encounter.

Thank You to Everyone for sharing your encounters!

I was walking down the street, then the 'N Sync tour bus drove by, and Chris was hanging out the window screaming and stuff like that. By Hubbard

I went to their concert on March 25, at the Palace of Auburn Hills. My friend and I had good seats. Floor seats, row 23, center. At first I thought they were bad seats. But when we found them they weren't bad at all. When the show started I was so excited. Near the end of the concert N SYNC sang Sailing. When they sang they were lifted by some cords. Then they started to move forward above us. They were close to our row. The cords started to bring them down to the fans. They were touching some girls' hands. JC was right above my row. I tried to get his hand, but I missed. He came down another time to shake some hands. Then I got his hand. Only the thing was I started to pull him down to me without knowing it. The look on his face was very funny. After a few minutes I let go, because I had to. I'll never forget that night. In fact, I didn't wash my hand for a week! By Kelly (not the webmaster)

I was at their concert and they were singing God Must Have Spent and at the very end Justin took forever to finish the song so Chris told him to bring someone on stage to help him finish the song so they pointed at me. and then they brought me on stage and Justin held my hand then finished the song and gave me a kiss, I was shaking the whole time. By Melanie

After the guys did Sailing they were doing their own flips and still hovering above us, I was underneath Joey but a little bit in front of him and I'd met him a few times before (I flew from Orlando to Las Vegas for this concert) so I guess he recognized me or something and he kept pointing to me and waving, and all these people around me were like "Oh my gosh he waved to you!" And he tried getting my attention and I pointed to me and ya know I go "me?!?!" and he kept pointing and waving. All these girls were like "UGH!" That was funny. By Alex

My cousin and I went to a concert in New Jersey and we even got to meet them backstage. There was one day that I was driving down a street (2 way) and I spotted this bus, I was not quite sure of who it could be. But once I got next to it, it was the N Sync bus. They pulled in a parking lot and it was the Ramada Inn. I live right next door to it. I followed it. They went in and checked in. I said we have to get in there to meet them. We went in and asked it n sync was staying there and they said yes. I asked which room. They told me. They were not supposed to. So I asked is there any rooms next door and they yes. My cousin and I took the room. We had the N Sync c.d. with us and we started listening to it. We got a knock on the door and I said can I help you and without even realizing it. It was Justin, he asked our name, age, and if we liked them and we said yes. They autographed my CD and know whenever I go past the Ramada Inn I always look. By Kristine

I was at there concerts and I tried getting on stage and the sercurity pulled me down, but then Justin pulled me up and I danced with him!!!!! By Jordan

in may of '98 i went to a concert for a radio station in providence, ri. it was featuring *n sync! a few hours before the show i was hanging around the arena when they said *n sync was coming out to go to dinner! there was only about 20 people with me, and we all got to watch as our fave guys walked by to get to their van. the best part was lance came over to me and signed an autograph!! it was really windy and my paper was blowing all over the place, so he said "here let me help you out." he straightened the paper and signed it. i was so excited! so i thanked him 10000 times and he said your welcome and left! it was a great day! by michelle

I'm from Memphis and I went to the Sept. 1 concert last year. My seats really sucked. But the song before the last one (I don't remember what they sang.) Justin looked up in to the crowd. I think he was looking at me and my best friend and I didn't see him looking at me until I got my pictures back a week later. I also went to the Memphis concert this year. They saw me again. In part of the concert they stand on a platform and it moves out over the crowd. Well me and my best friend were in bad seats again so one of the security guards asked us if we wanted better pictures. We said yes and he took us down to the floor. We were screaming and waving trying to get one of them to look at us. (I was screaming for Chris) JC, Lance, and Justin saw me. By Jenny.

well, i wasn't lucky enough to meet nsync face to face but i had an encounter... my dad was on a plane coming from japan and guess who was sitting next to him??? joey and lance, justin and jc were across and chris and his girlfriend were behind him. they were flying to la and my dad called and i was screaming and crying and he convinced jc to talk to me on the telephone. i was flipping out !!!!!! i got autographs!!!!!! p.s.... justin had just bought a new cd player and he was listening to dmx.... he let my dad see it..... needless to say he almost dropped it!!! lol!!! by: Andrea

I will always remember the day I met JC. On December 19, 1999 I was at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida and I decided to go into Virgin Megastore. I was listening to a cd when I looked over and there was JC Chasez from Nsync. I couldn't belive it (since I loved N Sync and JC was my favorite member). I saw many other girls looking around and pointing. I saw him get in line so I got in line right behind him. I then grabbed a magazine from Virgin Megastore and asked the sales girl for a pen and I asked for his autograph. I wish I had a camera. THAT WAS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!! By Shaina

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