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Jenni Meno and Todd Sand News

By Leah Adams

*Jenni and Todd are in Simsbury CT. practicing with Stars on Ice. Todd can't fully use his knee yet, and Doug Ladret is filling in for him when he needs to rest. He's improving, though.

*Jenni and Todd will be featured in the November/December issue of Blades on Ice magazine.

*Jenni Meno said recently, that she and Todd will be performing on the Stars on Ice tour. Todd will not be fully healed for 6 months therefore they cannot compete in any of the competitions since the rules have changed and they must now perform a competitive short program. He is doing quite well, though, and is working on his physical therapy, and will be skating soon - just not doing any real stressful moves. Jenni said the tour doesn't start until the day after Christmas so he should be okay.

*On June 11 Todd underwent a four hour sugery on his knee. He's fine and making a complete recovery. They will be back on the ice in October for the Stars On Ice tour.

*Todd Sand is hurt. During practice he was lifting Jenni and and fell on some bad ice.

Jenni is fine but Todd needs surgery.

*Jenni Meno and Todd Sand have joined Stars On Ice.

*Jenni Meno and Todd Sand have become professionals.

By J. Barry Mittan

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