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Jenni Meno and Todd Sand

3-Time National Pair Champions, World Sliver and Bronze Medalists

By Triana

"Our personal relationship definitely brings something to the ice that a lot of other pairs don't have. We have a romantic style, and we relate really well to each other." Todd Sand
Source - Espn Nagano Olympic Bios

"Just being so close, we can almost tell what the other one's thinking when we're out there. It's a great feeling being out there with someone that you know no matter what happens, if you fall on your butt three times, they're still going to love you. We can be really picky with each other you don't take it as personally when you really care about someone." Jenni Meno
Source - Espn Nagano Olympic Bios

Jenni and Todd answered fans questions on-line. Click here for a transcript

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