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Ekaterina/G&G Encounters

Have you had any encounters with Ekaterina, Sergei and Daria?
E-mail me and I will post them here.

"Hey! My encounter with Katia and Daria was at "Stars on Ice 2003". Daria was sitting right in front of me. It was so cool! Then Ekaterina skated onto the ice. She was so graceful. She had a pretty bad fall right in front of us but kept on skating. Daria looked about 10. At the end of the show, Katia came up to us (my sister and I) and asked if we had a good time. It was absolutely awesome! Both my sister and I are obsessed with skating and this event had definitely made our night the best night ever!" Rachael

"Well me and my friends went into the store and I had been talking about Katia because my cousin is pretty much obsessed with her and she had just left my house and I walked to Target and there was a sign that said Katerina is Here. So I got in about an 1 hour long line and got her autograph on my shirt and an a flip book." Kelly S.

"We were lucky enough to have seats right on the ice for the last few Stars on Ice shows in Hershey, Pa. We really love Katia and think she is so graceful. At the end of the show when the skaters came out for the last time, she came right over to us and shook our hands and said a few words to us. This, alone, was worth the price of admission." Julie

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